YouTube To Hold Interview With Israeli Prime Minister


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YouTube is inviting users to submit questions to Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu for an interview that will be streamed live on the site.

The interview is part of the YouTube World View series and is in partnership with Israel's Channel 2 News. The interview will be based entirely on the top-voted questions that are submitted.

The YouTube Blog offers more details. “Whether you want to know about the popular upheavals in neighboring Middle East countries, the potential consequences of Iran getting nuclear weapons, peace talks with the Palestinians, or prospects for Israel’s hi-tech industry, ask your question at, in either English or Hebrew (half of the interview will be conducted in each language).”

“You can also submit your question via Twitter - just make sure to use hashtag #askNetanyahu.”

On Wednesday, March 23, Prime Minister Netanyahu will do a live interview and answer a variety of the most popular questions submitted and voted on by the YouTube community. The interview will be the first event in Israel ever to be streamed live on YouTube. Questions must be submitted by Monday, March 21st at midnight GMT.