YouTube Tests New Auto-Generated Playlist of 50 Related Videos

Josh WolfordIT Management

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YouTube is currently testing a new feature called "YouTube Mix," which is an auto-generated playlist of up to 50 related videos located in the right-hand suggested videos section.

Once clicked, the YouTube mix continuously plays 50 videos that YouTube's algorithms have determined you may like based on what you're currently watching. Of course, YouTube has been suggesting related videos in the sidebar for years, but the new Mix option lets you cycle through 50 related videos without having to click around and find them on that sidebar.

Once you load up the YouTube Mix, you can sit back and enjoy all 50 videos in the randomly-generated order. Or, you can skip around or shuffle the videos, as you can with any other hand-curated YouTube playlist.

YouTube confirms to The Next Web that the new Mix playlist will simply generate another 50 related videos, if you happen to run out of things to watch.

Of course, YouTube Mix is simply another tool your YouTubers to use to find new content that they may have otherwise never stumbled upon. It falls in line with other recent efforts made by YouTube to better highlight content from the sites creators. Last week, YouTube announced an update to the homepage that will increase the video visibility in the channel stream.

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