YouTube Now Available in Chile!!!!


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YouTube is now available in Chile through It is the fifth country in Latin America and joins Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. Over 40 countries now have a local version of YouTube. This great news for residents of Chile who have had to go without this valuable Google social utility.

Having a local version of the service allows users to follow trends and dial in more relevant content easier. As with any culture their are trends that are unique to the area. A particular YouTube video series that has grown in popularity already in Chile is called Puntaje Nacional, and it prepares student to get into college.

Another show which is popular is called Soy German and it features ironic humor. Sounds good to me, I think everyone can enjoy YouTube and it has proven to be a wonderful educational tool. I was surprised to hear that Chile did not yet have the service. I assumed that anybody who had an internet connection could enjoy it. Good new for Chile!

One thing I did notice as I clicked on some of their video links to check out their shows, there was no share button to embed their videos. I wanted to share the content with our readers. Anyway, you guys can click the links and check them out yourself, it's interesting, I liked Soy German. Enjoy!