YouTube Might Have Looked Something Like This Back in the 90's

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As someone who grew up with insanely pixelated digital video, 5.25 floppy discs, and Windows 3.0, I can't imagine what YouTube would have looked like had it been developed back in the early-to-mid 90's. It was difficult enough playing Sierra On-Line's live action point-and-click PC game "Phantasmagoria", and that sucker was spread across seven CDs. That's right -- the genre-based adventure spanned seven full CDs. With all of that nifty full motion video, the game was considered revolutionary at the time. In other words, there's no way YouTube could have possibly existed in that day and age. But it's always fun to imagine.

The boys and girls over at Squirrel Monkey have pieced together another edition of "Wonders of the World Wide Web", a faux-VHS documentary that explores what certain modern websites would have looked like had they been invented using archaic technology. Downloading a picture on a 2400 baud moden across a BBS was difficult enough; attempting download entire videos through that thing would have completely broken my tiny little mind.

If you have absolutely no clue as to what any of the aforementioned gadgets are, then this video may not seem very funny. However, those of us who spent countless hours reading lame jokes and playing Legend of the Red Dragon on our favorite bulletin board systems should get a kick out of this one. LORD and Usurper forever!

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