YouTube Makes Changes to Where Users Spend Most Time

Update: YouTube is reportedly making the new design live on all YouTube video pages today. ...
YouTube Makes Changes to Where Users Spend Most Time
Written by Chris Crum
  • Update: YouTube is reportedly making the new design live on all YouTube video pages today.

    Original Article: YouTube has unveiled a new version of its video pages. They are not rolled out as the default at this point, but users can opt-in to view them in the new format (they can easily opt out as well).

    "In the coming weeks, we’ll be eager to hear what the community thinks and, as with many things in this newly designed user experience, we’ll incorporate their feedback in future iterations," a representative for YouTube tells WebProNews.

    "YouTube is about creating and watching the world’s biggest video collection; therefore, the design should make the video the star," says YouTube. "To that end, the new look is more subdued, stripped down and simple than before. The design should help ease users into advanced features, while providing power users with all the functionality they want."

    Here is a look at the design before and after (respectively):

    YouTube - Before

    YouTube - After

    The new page includes a "next up" video list. Other videos in the queue on the right side of the page will be based on information about how you found the video. If you get to the video through search, the rest of the search results will end up on the video page. If you arrive on a video from a playlist or recommendation, that will also be reflected in the queue.

    More specific info about the video is featured under the video, with the description and stats in one place. A new expand capability is included to reduce clutter. Actions like sharing, rating, saving or flagging a video are also now all grouped in one button bar.

    YouTube has replaced the five-star rating system with a like/dislike system. According to the company people pretty much just used the one star and five star options anyway. "Liking" a video will save it to your favorites.

    The new design comes with some new size and quality controls in the player. "When you pick the size, we’ll serve you the ideal quality," says YouTube. "For those of you hungry for more control, you can pick the specific video quality (for example, SD, HD or 1080p) in an associated drop-down menu. We’ll warn you when we think there may be a better quality choice, but the control is in your hands."

    Users will be able to search for other videos while a video is still playing, and the results will show on that same page. That will be a very nice addition.

    Also, there is more prominent placement of channel/subscriber information, a new "see more videos" feature, and a change in channel banner placement. YouTube says that you may notice an absence of the "more from [your channel]" feature, but this is only temporary. It will be back.

    Right now, YouTube is just letting users opt-in for the new design by clicking this link, but says the opt-in process will be made more accessible soon. If you have opted in, but wish to revert back to the old style, there is an opt-out link at the top of the new video page.

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