YouTube Launches School For Copyright Violators


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YouTube has introduced a new campaign aimed at educating users about copyright violations.

If the company receives a copyright notification concerning a video a user uploaded, they will be required to attend “YouTube Copyright School,” which includes watching a copyright tutorial and passing a short quiz proving they understand the content.

YouTube has also introduced new rules about how it handles users how have violated its copyright policies. Previously YouTube had a policy to suspend users who had received three legitimate copyright notification.

The YouTube Blog explains. “Consider, for example, a long-time YouTube user who received two copyright notifications four years ago but who’s uploaded thousands of legitimate videos since then without a further copyright notification. Until now, the four-year-old notifications would have stayed with the user forever despite a solid track record of good behavior, creating the risk that one new notification -- possibly even a fraudulent notification -- would result in the suspension of the account. We don’t think that’s reasonable.”

“So, today we’ll begin removing copyright strikes from user’s accounts in certain limited circumstances, contingent upon the successful completion of YouTube Copyright School, as well as a solid demonstrated record of good behavior over time.”

YouTube added that the removal of strikes is not guaranteed and it may terminate an account at any time for violations of its Terms of Service.

In addition, YouTube has also launched a redesigned copyright help center aimed at further educating users about its policies.