YouTube Is Giving Creators 10 Helpful New Features

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Google announced a list of ten new features that are coming soon to help YouTube Creators. Some will become available over the coming weeks, and others may take a bit longer, but they're all expected to be available this year. That's about as specific as Google is getting on the releasing at this point.

For now, let's get to the features.


YouTube is promising big improvements to the commenting system. In fact, they're going so far as to say that the new system leads to a 30% drop in the rate of dislikes. The improvements will come by way of a better ranking system, which is supposed to reduce the visibility of "junk comments".

I guess we'll see how that goes. The last time Google made major changes to the YouTube commenting system it didn't go over too well. This sounds like a step in the right direction though.

2. Subscriber Notifications

This one should be as good for users as it is for creators. Google is going to give creators a new way for fans to opt in to get mobile and email notifications every time the channel publishes a new video.

"Your fans don’t want to miss out on videos from their favorite creators–and neither do we," says Matt Glotzbach, VP, Product Management at YouTube.

3. Easier access to the subscriptions feed

They're also making it easier to get to the Subscriptions feed in the mobile app. The company says this will make it easier for your subscribers to stay on top of your latest videos.

4. A Better Creator Studio App

Google is promising major improvements to the Creator Studio app, which will give creators more insight about what's happening on their channel. It will also provide notifications.

5. Better Management

The app will get new video management features such as the ability to update thumbnails from your phone as well as the ability to enable or disable monetization on your videos.

6. New Card Types

Google will be launching new Card types that will help you promote your other content, sell merchandise, raise funds, etc. For one, there will be a Channel card to link your videos to other channels.

7. 3D 360° videos

Google showed off its 360° videos a while back, and this year, it's planning on "adding 3D to the mix".

8. Livestream Improvements

"We just made it easier for you to set up and manage your live streams. And where better to show them off than in our upcoming YouTube Gaming app?" says Glotzbach.

9. New Community

There will be a new YouTube Creator Community forum designed to help creators find collaborators, share advice, and give Google feedback.

10. Creator Academy Update

Finally, they're going to launch improvements to the Creator Academy, which has over 50 lessons for learning on how to get more out of YouTube. They're making it easier to search and personalize your experience.

Listen to YouTube staff talk more about the new features here:

While you may have to wait a bit for some of this stuff, the company says it's listening, so if you have something to say, let it be known on Google+ or Twitter.

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