“YouTube Instant” Creator May Soon Be Working for Google

“YouTube Instant” Creator May Soon Be Working for Google
Written by Chris Crum
  • Update: Peter Kafka at All Things Digital reports that Feross is already working as an intern at Facebook. That’s interesting, considering the growing competition between these two companies.

    Original ArticleGoogle Instant created a lot of buzz this past week, both negative and positive. It also created some inspiration. Feross Aboutkhadijeh, a computer science student at Stanford, created his own little "YouTube Instant", and attracted a lot of attention because of it. 

    He just so happened to catch Google’s attention, and YouTube CEO Chad Hurley has offered him a job via Twitter (hat tip to Ben Parr at Mashable). 
    Hurley tweeted, "Hey @FreeTheFeross! Loving YouTube Instant…want a job? ;)"
    Feross responded, "Hey @Chad_Hurley. Glad you liked YouTube Instant! Is that a for-real job offer ;)"
    Despite all the winking, it looks like it may have been a real offer. Hurley then responded, "@FreeTheFeross Are you read to leave school? 🙂 I’ll send you a DM.
    It will be interesting to see what materializes from this. Google could no doubt implement Google Instant functionality in YouTube search results without much problem, but YouTube Instant (at least the current incarnation actually plays videos instantly based on what you type.

    YouTube Instant

    Michael Hart, another developer, has created "Google Maps Instant" and is not shy about letting Google know he wants a job too (hat tip to Alexia Tsotsis on that one).

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