YouTube Has New Analytics Features

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YouTube is talking about some new analytics features it has rolled out recently, including "time watched" and "annotation" reporting.

The "Views" report has been enhanced to show more time watched data ."Estimated minutes watched" can be seen from the Views report. Users can also choose other data options from the "Compare metric" drop-down.

YouTube Analytics Views

The beta version of the Annotations report lets you view data on the performance of video annotations, with additional insights on viewer click and close rates.

Annotations Report

YouTube has also brought back Date Slider, which lets you adjust the date range and see how videos performed for various time periods.

"You can average data across time with rolling totals for 7- and 30-day totals. Instead of seeing changes in weekend traffic and other cyclical data, rolling totals will smooth the trends to help you see overall growth without the distracting spikes and dips," says YouTube product manager Ted Hamilton.

Additionally, the metadata section for videos and channels now instantly provides data like lifetime views and video duration, the video hovercard shows a thumbnail of a video and basic info when hovering over a video link, and Compare Metrics gives users more ways to compare trends and patterns across different metrics.

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