YouTube Gets Fans Closer To Lady Gaga


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As the desire for user-generated content continues to climb, we are going to see more and more of this kind of thing: Celebrities using social media services like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, allowing their fans to get closer to them, at least in a technological sense. Unfortunately, there are still legal issues if you want to get physically closer to the object of your idolatry.

In this case, we have Lady Gaga, and in order to allow her fans increased access, she's teamed up with YouTube, allowing members to ask Gaga questions via her official YouTube page. There is, of course, an introductory video with Gaga inviting her fans to participate:

As indicated, questions are submitted on Gaga's page, or, users can submit a video if they so choose. Fans can also vote on which question they'd like to see answered, which helps further the idea of the importance of user-generated content, especially when it comes to marketing in this technological era.

MTV has some more details about Gaga's interview process, saying, "In addition to the video network, fans can tweet their questions using the hashtag #GoogleGoesGaga. Fans have until the end of the day Friday to submit their entries."

The only thing missing from Gaga's current fan engagement is the use of Facebook for the interview process. Maybe next time. Head on over to Gaga's YouTube page, or hop on Twitter with the appropriate hash tag if you'd like to further the journey into Gaga's mind. The first person to get a successful answer to the "Are you simply a product of marketing or are you a legitimate artist?" question, preferably with an in-depth, revealing response, wins.