YouTube Co-Founder Teases MixBit, a New Collaborative Video Site

Josh WolfordIT Management

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Last month, we told you that YouTube co-founder and former CEO Chad Hurley was cooking up a new video site.

Today, Hurley dropped the first piece of the puzzle in a tweet first spotted by The Verge. The site is called MixBit, and it proclaims that "the future of video is launching soon."

"YouTube is shutting down. Instead of sitting around, we thought you'd want a new site to not only watch cat videos, but create them...together!" says the site's landing page. Here, they are referencing today's YouTube April Fools joke. The prank has Google announcing a shut down of YouTube, so that they can finally select a winner. Yep, that's all YouTube ever was - one giant contest.

That little blip also teases the collaborative focus of MixBit. We don't know a lot about how the new video site will work, but we do have a general outline thanks to Hurley's remarks back in March.

He said that MixBit would be "“primarily video-based," with "flexibility for people to work together and create content.”

Hurley also said that he wasn’t looking to kill YouTube and that “there’s always going to be a place for YouTube.” MixBit will just focus on being a “platform better suited for collaboration.”

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