YouTube Channels Get New Look March 7th

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Time is ticking to update your new YouTube channel. YouTube unveiled its new channels look in December, but are trying to have everyone caught up by March 7th. The update includes new templates for channels and new features across the site to connect users with their favorite channels.

YouTube recommends the following checklist to get you up to speed:

Featured Tab

  • Do you want a featured tab? If so enable it by clicking "edit channel" on your channel page.
  • Choose the right publisher template for your featured tab. If you have upcoming Live events we recommend the Live template.
  • Do you want to include a video player on the feature tab?

Background Banner

  • Migrate your existing background or select another
  • If you previously had a separate banner image then merge it with your background image and reupload it.
  • Enter a pixel height to push down your Channel if you would like to expose more of your background image. Entering a height greater than 0 will immediately activate your image map code.
  • There will be no separate banner images in this new Channels design. Instead you will be able to push down your Channel (up to 150 px) to expose your background image. To push down your Channel use the Banner height section in the Appearance tab of your Channel editor and enter a number between 0 and 150.
  • To make the exposed area of their background image clickable, you can also apply image map code to the area. Image maps will be up to 970 px wide and will be the height you specified (between 0 and 150 px).

Watch Page Banner

  • If you currently depend on a white background for your white mini banner than you might want to consider switching to a transparent background. The new watch page has a grey background making white banners look out of place.

Default Landing Page

  • Choose which tab you want users to land on when they come to your Channel by selecting a default tab in Settings menu of the channel editor.
  • If you would like unsubscribed users to land on your default tab and subscribed users to land on your feed check the checkbox below the default tab drop down.


  • When do you migrate your Channel?

YouTube thinks this new update will help users browse your channel while keeping some of the old options viewers used frequently. Like the ability to feature content, which YouTube is expanding by offering a new "Featured Tab."

For those of you that fear change, YouTube encourages people to use the "Send Feedback" link and tell them what you think of the new look, and what they can do better in future updates.

For an in depth look at how to create your own channel, check out the YouTube Creator Playbook:

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