YouTube Celebrates Marriage Equality With #ProudToLove Video

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In one of the most landmark supreme court decisions the country has seen in quite sometime, nine five court justices decided to make it unconstitutional for states to ban same-sex marriage. Enter, mostly positive, online pandemonium. On Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and every social media outlet on the web, millions poured their thoughts and feelings about marriage equality to the online space. Most of the thoughts were positive; with people posting images of the rainbow flag, sharing stories, and local news outlets covering stories of the first couples to take advantage of the decision.

Along with regular folks, companies have come out with thoughts concerning the decision. Facebook allowed users to shade their profile pictures with the rainbow. YouTube shared their feelings the way you would expect, with a video. Get the tissues out, and watch as YouTube celebrates marriage equality with powerful imagery, highlighting coming-out videos people have posted, some recent political stands taken by defenders of marriage equality, and of course marriages themselves. Enjoy.

The YouTube marriage equality video has over 2 million views, and continues to climb as people revel in the supreme court ruling. Along with the official video, scores of people have posted videos of their reactions. With the power of instant video uploads, we were able to see on-the-scene reactions to the event.

Vox released an interesting video, showing the history of the fight of marriage equality. They showed the growth of gallup poll data concerning people's opinions towards the validity of same-sex marriage. Then the most powerful image is shown at the end, the US map showing that marriage equality is protected across the entire country.

My personal favorite reaction to the marriage equality decision was Ben & Jerry's announcement of their new variety, "I Dough, I Dough". If there something this wonderful nation can truly rally behind, it's ice cream puns.

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