YouTube Ad Blitz Winners Announced

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You may remember that YouTube was running the Ad Blitz again this year that allowed users to vote on the best Super Bowl ads from this year's big game. YouTube compiled the results and released them on Friday letting us all know which videos America thought were the best.

We reported previously on what other groups and agencies had to say about the ads. The YouTube Ad Blitz results seem to confirm what other ad agencies saw as being the best ads.

Before we get to who you voted as the best ads, YouTube shared some stats about this year's Ad Blitz campaign. This year's Ad Blitz saw 133 million views across all the videos, which is up 43 percent from last year. During the game, nearly six percent of all YouTube traffic came from those watching the ads.

Unsurprisingly, 82 percent of all 133 million views came from Sunday, Monday and Tuesday as people still talk about the ads even after the game is over. What may be surprising, however, is that 18 percent of all views came from outside the United States.

Some other random facts include: the most popular ads drove the most traffic with 65 percent of views coming from the top 10 ads; Google searches for super bowl commercials peaked on Monday; and more than 32 percent of all mobile votes were cast on tablets.

Without further ado, here are the top five videos as voted by you:

1. M&M's: Just My Shell

2. Chrysler "Halftime in America

3. Bud Light "Rescue Dog"

4.Chevy Silverado "2012"

5. Dorito's "Man's Best Friend"