You’re A Pain In My Collab: Collaboration Apps Create New Issues For SMB Productivity


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WebProNews ContentShare from ORC International and Samepage

Bummer! A new study proves the age-old complaint: Employees hate email. But if you’re thinking about adopting newer collaboration apps to squash the complaints — think again. Switching out email for multiple collaboration apps is creating a whole new mess or what a few are calling “collaboration paradox.”

To get to the root of this very issue, collaboration app Samepage sought to find out exactly what SMBs are – and aren’t – using, and why. Some of the interesting key findings from a recent Samepage and ORC International survey include:

  • 80% use at least three collaboration apps, 50% use six or more
  • 80% use these apps to work with customers and partners
  • 90% believe collaboration apps are fulfilling adoption objectives
  • 65% find it difficult to find the correct file in their file sharing folders
  • 88% think that instant messaging is good for asking quick questions, but limited beyond that
  • 65% want fewer emails and 44% agree that email is not good for managing teams and projects
  • 65% are looking for a better solution to improve communication and increase productivity

“The world needs a better approach to team collaboration. It’s a problem that’s universal; we call it the ‘collaboration paradox.’ With so many apps to choose from —email, IM, file-sharing, task/project management and online productivity — team-based content and conversations have become increasingly fragmented across a slew of siloed applications and this actually hinders collaboration,” said Scott Schreiman, CEO of Samepage. “We believe in a more holistic approach to team productivity, uniting content and conversation on a single page which enables contextual collaboration.”

Additional findings from the press release are hosted on WebProNews and all findings can be found on Samepage at