Your Google+ Stream Just Got Cozier with Google Drive

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In more "Google+ is Google" news, the company has just announced that Google Drive users can now share things on Google+. That's not new in and of itself, but exactly how that stuff is shared on Google+ is new, and it's pretty awesome.

Now, your documents, slideshows, videos, and more from Google Drive can be shared to your Google+ circles, and then accessed right in the stream. That's right - no leaving your Google+ stream to flip through that latest presentation or look at that document. It's everything about Google Drive, fit inside the cozy confines of a social media post.

Here's what the Google Drive blog had to say about it:

With Google+, you can share what you want with just the right people. That might be pictures from your weekend apple picking adventure or an article from your favorite new blog. Starting today, you can also share the stuff you create and store in Google Drive, and people will be able to flip through presentations, open PDFs, play videos and more, directly in the Google+ stream.

To get started, simply click the Google+ icon when you're sharing from Drive, or copy-and-paste a link to a file from Google Drive into one of your Google+ posts.

It's that simple. Just share a link and up pops a slideshow viewable directly in the stream. As Google continues to combine product features and make everything accessible via Google+, it becomes abundantly clear that Google+ isn't really a social network (like they've been saying all along). It's just another cog in the Google wheel or better yet a wheel in the Google machine.

Click on the image below to see a slideshow in a Google+ stream in action:

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