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A six-year-old boy who was a victim in the Newton School shooting on December 14th of last year, was one of the many heros that have come to light recently.

Jesse Lewis is the pint sized hero that saved many of his classmates at the cost of his own life.

According to AP, Jesse had just seen his teacher shot and urged the others to run for their lives while the gunman, Adam Lanza, put a new clip into his semi-automatic rifle.

"When I heard he used his last few seconds on earth to try to save his friends, I was not surprised," she said. "I am so incredibly proud of him." Scarlett Lewis said several people emerged as heroes that day, but her understanding is that some of the survivors ran because of what her son did to help them.

"He yelled, 'Run!' Adam (Lanza) reloaded and shot him in the head," said Scarlett Lewis, Jesse's mom, who learned details of the events inside the classroom from investigators who gathered accounts from children who survived. 11 students survived from his class which was lead by teacher Victoria Soto, most of which managed to run past Lanza as he was reloading. Ms. Soto was killed.

Scarlett Lewis has used her son's memory to move past the unthinkable and turn a negative into a positive. She has since dedicated herself to the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation, which promotes ways for communities to "choose love over anger, gratitude over entitlement, and forgiveness and compassion over bitterness." The foundation was inspired by a message that Jesse had left on their kitchen chalkboard with the words "nurturing," ''healing" and love."

Lanza shot his way into the school on Dec. 14 and killed 20 first-grade children and six women in one of the worst school shootings in U.S. history. He also killed his mother earlier in the day and committed suicide as police arrived at the school building. The report investigators are working on is due out soon, but there is still no known motive for the heinous actions of Adam Lanza

Image via Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation

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