Young and the Restless: Melody Thomas Scott Talks 35 Years On The Show


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Melody Thomas Scott is best known for her role as Nikki Newman on the daytime television soap opera Young and the Restless, which is why today serves as a landmark in her acting career.

According to TV Guide Magazine, the Daytime Emmy-nominated actress has been a resident of the fictitious town of Genoa, WI for 35 years.

February 27 marks the 35th year since Thomas-Scott made her debut on the critically acclaimed soap opera.

In light of her highly lauded feat, she sat down with the publication for an exclusive interview to give fans a glimpse of what life has been like over the past 35 years on Young and the Restless.

Thomas-Scott has definitely had her moments as Nikki Newman over the years. Its been three whirlwind decades on the show, and there's still a lot to be said of Nikki Newman.

After killing three people, being married 11 times, battling drug and substance abuse, stripping, prostituting and even spreading VD, its definitely safe to say Nikki Newman has never been a bore, which explains her character's longevity.(image)

Due to the salacious nature of Nikki Newman, the publication made it a point to ask Thomas-Scott why she thinks her character is still fascinating to fans. She had absolutely no problems offering a clear explanation.

"Because she's driven purely by her emotions. One writing regime wanted to make her a senator, which was ludicrous. The viewers don't want to see Nikki be a feminist or take a job. They want to see her stay home and have personal problems and suffer like crazy," she explained. "And they looove to see her drunk!," she quipped.

She also expressed how fortunate she is to have this type of longevity in such a competitive industry. "It's a miracle for an actor to have a job last 35 years," she said. "I am so blessed."

She also gushed about her upcoming role on the CBS series The Crazy Ones. Thomas-Scott will portray a boozed librarian on the show, sharing scenes with actor-comedian Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The role is quite befitting, given her years of experience portraying Nikki Newman, who is depicted as a recovering alcoholic. The actress recounted how the role actually came to fruition.

"It came completely out of the blue," she told TV Guide. "I was originally called in for another role on the show and was told by the producers that I was too young, which was fabulous! But they thought Robin and I would play off each other well, so they created a role for me in a different episode. It's a great character and not at all glamorous like Nikki. This poor girl is really trying to be sexy but she's just not cutting it - and she has no qualms about pulling out her flask during library hours."

While Thomas-Scott's appearance on The Crazy Ones won't air until some time in mid-April, fans can always catch her on Young and the Restless every weekday at 5/4 ET on CBS.

Image via The Young and the Restless, Facebook
Image via The Young and the Restless (Melody Thomas Scott), Facebook