You Should Be Drinking Your IPAs Out of This Glass

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If you're a beer-lover who thinks that it's important to drink certain styles of beer in certain styles of glasses, this new product from two major American breweries may interest you.

Purveyors of tasty brews Dogfish Head Brewery and Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. have teamed up with Spiegelau glassware to create the ultimate glass for India Pale Ale lovers. They call it the "new standard for IPA glassware."

"I've been a longtime believer in the importance of using quality glassware to enhance the enjoyment of quality craft beer," says Dogfish Head Founder and President Sam Calagione. "The process of collaborating on the design of this hop-centric glass takes this concept to the next level."

Why does this glass make the IPA-drinking experience better? According to its designers, a whole bunch of things. For instance the glass' walls are thin and rounded, allowing proper temperature regulation. The shape also helps to "amplify hop aromas," something that any IPA drinker will know is important.

The glass also has "wave-like ridges to aerate beer on its way in and out of the glass" and "a laser-etched logo on the bottom of the bowl to sustain carbonation and head."

Spiegelau VP Matthew Rutkowski believes that If pilsners, saisons, and other styles of beer have universally-recognized glasses that maximize flavor and regulate consistency, why not the IPA?

"The goal of this initiative was to develop a glass that would serve as the new global standard for the American IPA style of beer, just as the world recognizes wheat, pilsner and other beer glass styles," Rutkowski says. "We are thrilled to have collaborated with two of America's pre-eminent IPA brewers on this project, as this further validates that we are offering beer drinkers a glass that will maximize their tasting experience to its fullest potential."

You can order one of the new IPA glasses from the Dogfish Head store. It'll run you $9. Even if you think the whole "glass matters" thing is bullsh*t, it's still a pretty cool glass.


Man, I'm thirsty.

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