You Probably Shouldn't Continue To Have Sex With A Dog When The Police Show Up


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No matter what you're doing, it's a pretty good idea to stop doing it when the police show up. One young woman from Las Vegas apparently didn't get the memo.

The local CBS affiliate in Las Vegas reports that Kara Vandereyk, 23, was arrested after police officers found her in a backyard - naked and "touching [a] dog in a sexual way." According to the police report, the woman appeared to be on drugs or mentally ill.

The presence of drugs would make sense as the young woman reportedly did not stop "touching" the pit bull after the police showed up. In fact, she reportedly greeted the officers with a "hi" and continued to give the dog a bone in front of them.

The young woman appears to not know what she was doing, or who she even was. When asked by officers, she couldn't tell them her name, the year or who the current President was. She also reportedly told officers that she suffered from bipolar disorder.

In the end, she was taken to the Clark County jail for booking. The dog was taken in by animal control officers.

[Photo courtesy of LVMPD]