You Must Go To Great Lengths To Destroy A Nokia Lumia 920

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Nokia makes some tough hardware. The company's previous phones have proven to be all kinds of durable. Somebody even tried to hammer a nail into the screen, and it wouldn't even crack. The next logical experiment is seeing how much abuse the Nokia Lumia 920 can take.

The folks at PhoneBuff decided to put the Nokia Lumia 920 through its paces. They started with a simple drop test - the very same test that has taken out numerous other devices.

The drop test didn't take the Lumia 920 out of commission so the folks at PhoneHub took it to the next level. They attempted to scratch both sides of the device with some keys, and then took a hamer and a knife to the device.

After the Lumia 920 survived the previous two tests, they went all out to destroy the phone. First, they ran over the phone with a car and nothing happened. The phone finally stopped working after being hit with a board across a parking lot, but didn't actually break until it was thrown against a concrete slab.

The point of this is that the Lumia 920 will survive normal everyday situations. It should take any drops or scratches like a champ. Just don't throw the phone against a concrete wall.