You Might Have Some Trouble Getting A PS4 This Year

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Did you pre-order the PS4 when the price was announced this week? No? Well, you might have some trouble getting one then.

Andrew House, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, told the Wall Street Journal that demand for the PS4 "may well outstrip supply." In other words, Sony's new wonderbox is going to sell out this holiday season. In fact, it may be incredibly hard to find one.

Of course, Sony is absolutely giddy over this news. The company has raised its sales projections for the new console. GameStop has also placed a big bet on Sony's next-gen console by saying it would purchase every single PS4 Sony can manufacture this year.

Sony apparently didn't have these kind of expectations going into E3. What happened between then and now to make them so confident? It seems the positive reaction the PS4 received from pretty much everybody at E3 has Sony feeling like it's on top of the world.

In fact, the PS4 has claimed the top spot on the Amazon best sellers list for video games. The DualShock 4 controller as well as the PS4 version of Watch Dogs populate the top 10. It should be noted that the PS4 does show up twice on the Amazon best sellers list, but one is the launch day edition that's already sold out. Those who purchase a PS4 on Amazon now are no longer guaranteed to get a console at launch.

Of course, none of this means that the Xbox One is floundering. It's still holding on strong at the number two spot on Amazon's best sellers list. It's been there for five days now as gamers flocked to preorder the console after Microsoft's E3 press conference. It's safe to say that Xbox One demand might outstrip supply as well.

The main takeaway from all of this is that core gamers are really excited for the next generation. It's been eight years since we've seen the introduction of new consoles and the core gamer is ready for something new. Those who missed out on preordering early might just have to wait a bit longer for the next generation to arrive.

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