You May Suffer From Nomophobia

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Nomophobia or "no mobile phone phobia" is the fear of losing or being separated from your beloved electronic appendage and for 66% of people surveyed a common ailment and serious issue. According to a study conducted by SecureEnvoy, a security-authentication company, ladies are first with the disorder and tend to worry about their mobile phones more than gentlemen, but fear not, Nomophobia is an equal opportunity obsession. "What this study does highlight is the extent that people now rely on their mobile phones," adds Andy Kemshall, SecurEnvoy CTO and co founder. Here are a few questions to ask yourself to see if you have any of the symptoms.

If you dropped your phone in the sink or toilet would you fish it out with your bare hands and wait for it to dry or turn the dripping device on immediately to see if it still worked? If you found that it didn't work, would you have absolutely no problem going out and immediately buying a replacement phone at full retail price without hesitation? If you found yourself nodding in agreement or felt unusually queasy and uncomfortable while reading this story then your name may be Kelly Reeves (this actually happened to her) or you may suffer from Nomophobia and should read further.

If you feel anxious when you don't have your phone with you then you are definitely not alone. Two-thirds of people asked that question last year agree with you. Do you find it perfectly normal to have your phone on the table and check it regularly during meetings, dinners and dates? Do you check your phone at least once every 10 minutes? The average person checks their phone about 34 times a day.

While most of this information may seem fairly normal, Nomophobia becomes pathological when the fear of losing your mobile phone interferes with a person being able to function normally. If your phone becomes a preoccupation or causes anxiety attacks, the treatment recommended is to consult with a physician or psychologist, who will likely approach it like treating obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Our phone is our life, so it shouldn't amaze Nomophobiacs that when asked which item people would save first from a burning house, the top pick was mobile phone.

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