You May Never Get That 'New' Facebook News Feed

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So you know that "new" News Feed Facebook unveiled back in March and began rolling out? If you haven't gotten it by now, there's a strong possibility that you won't ever get it, or at least not exactly.

That is according to a report today from All Things D, citing unspecified sources (presumably within the company) which says, "In the small rollout to a single-digit percentage of users, engagement with the new design has stalled. So much so, in fact, that the majority of users won’t receive this Facebook redesign we saw unveiled this year."

Mike Isaac reports, "Instead, sources said, it’s back to the drawing board on a better News Feed, while using the failed first launch as a data point for creating a better Version 2. When users finally do see something new, it will likely be a far less drastic change, incorporating only some of the modifications, and only those that worked better than others."

On the record, a Facebook spokesperson told Isaac that the company is still testing the redesign changes.

Facebook made a big production in unveiling a drastic change to its most important product, and now we learn that it might not even come to fruition. At this point, perhaps they're thinking that we'll just forget about it. In reality, many probably already have, if they were even aware of it to begin with.

And we were complaining about a slow roll-out in April.

Facebook has since been tweaking the actual algorithm behind the News Feed in the meantime, and that appears to be the greater area of focus these days.

Last week, the company talked about new changes that aim to promote higher quality content. Good luck in your visibility efforts if your'e not a Facebook favorite.

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