"You Got Retweeted": TV Stars Spoof Social Media

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It's the digital age, and everyone--and I mean everyone--has a smartphone or tablet or similar to keep them jacked in at all times, and so many people are living out every moment of their lives over social media that no one shares things one-on-one anymore.

And that's proving to be comedy gold for some actors, who are using social media platforms as a basis for their jokes.

Actors Jason Ritter ("Freddy Vs. Jason", and he's also John Ritter's son. If you don't know who John Ritter is, get off my lawn) and Alison Brie ("Community", "Mad Men") are among a troupe who have made a video dedicated to those who can't get off Twitter long enough to have a real life and must post every single event on their Facebook walls.

Brie stars as a young Twitter user who dreams of someday meeting Ryan Gosling (who doesn't?); when she starts following a comedian who's a lot funnier in his own head than IRL, a love story develops between them, despite the best efforts of their friends.

"You haven't even seen this guy," Kimmy Gatewood tells Brie. "He could look like the Fail Whale."

The very serious issue of too much reliance on social media gets a funny twist in the video; Brie shines as she lets the silliness she usually saves for her "Community" peers come through. And how 'bout Daniel Franzese, stealin' those scenes? Still one of my favorite things about "Mean Girls".

Amanda Crum
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