You Can Now Sign Up For Facebook Messenger With Just A Phone Number

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Do you have a limited texting plan? Do you distrust Facebook enough to not the use the social network or its mobile messenger application? If so, Facebook has introduced an easier sign-up method that may change your mind.

Facebook announced today that users can sign up for Facebook messenger with just a name and a phone number. It's a far simpler sign-up process that doesn't even require a Facebook account to sign up for. Those who have a limited texting plan will especially benefit as Facebook Messenger works cross platform so you can message your friends on iOS devices

The Next Web reports that Facebook's new Messenger service is coming out right on the heels of rumors that the social network would be acquiring WhatsApp, a popular cross-platform messenger. The new Facebook Messenger for Android is essentially WhatsApp so any rumors of an acquisition can finally be laid to rest for now.

The new Facebook Messenger for Android is not yet available on Google Play, but Facebook says it will be available at some point today. You can grab it here when it goes live. The social network also says that Messenger accounts will become available over the next few weeks. At that point, people will be able to sign up for a strictly Messenger account without having to sign up for Facebook proper.

It's a nice gesture to users who don't want a Facebook account, but the social network is the real winner here. It can gather more data from its Messenger application, and maybe even convert its new users into full-time proper Facebook users.