You Can Now Gift Amazon Coins To Your Kindle-Owning Friends And Family

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Earlier this year, Amazon got into the digital currency game with Amazon Coins. In essence, Kindle users can use Coins to buy games, apps and in-app purchases on mostly everything in the Amazon Appstore. Now those same Kindle users can gift Amazon Coins to other Kindle users.

Amazon announced today that it's now letting users gift Amazon Coins to others just in time for the holidays. It's being billed as an easy, yet effective, gift for those in among your family and friends that own a Kindle or use the Amazon Appstore on their Android device.

So, how does this all work? You simply buy Amazon Coins as you normally would, but choose to gift them at the store page. From there, you put in the email address of the person receiving the coins and Amazon takes care of the rest.

“Customers love using Amazon Coins in the Amazon Appstore and on Kindle Fire to purchase apps and games,” said Mike George, Vice President of Apps and Games at Amazon. “We know that during the holidays finding that perfect gift can be hard. So, we’re making it easy for you to give the game-playing kids or app-savvy friends and family in your life just what they want – great apps and games to use on their phones and tablets. And remember, if you are a Kindle Fire owner, we automatically deposited 500 Coins in your account. So, if you haven’t used them yet, happy shopping.”

It goes without saying, but the practice of gifting Amazon Coins won't be restricted to just the holidays. You will get 20 percent off your Coins purchase, however, if you buy them before January 5. You can start giving Amazon Coins here.

[Image: Amazon]