You Can Kind Of Play Quake 3 In Chrome Right Now

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HTML5 continues to expand as it aims to take over the entire Internet in the next few years. One major stumbling block, however, has been the development of core games in HTML5. It's easy to create games like platformers and puzzle games because they rely on simple keyboard or mouse controls. Other genres like first-person shooters were much more difficult, but that's quickly becoming a moot point.

Google announced today that the Chrome beta has been updated to include the Lock JavaScript API. The API is better known as mouse lock and it prevents the cursor from leaving the game area when its implemented. It's perfect for first-person shooters since they require that the cursor stay locked in the middle of the screen with mouse movements controlling the direction in which the player character looks.

Games aren't the only thing that will benefit from the implementation of mouse lock. Developers will be able to create 3D modeling apps with HTML5. Previously, users had to use proprietary software because Web browsers didn't have the proper mouse controls for manipulating objects in a 3D space.

To show off the new API, Google employee Brandon Jones has created a WebGL application that lets you explore a map from Quake 3. There's no shooting or Strogg to be found, but it's still an impressive showing for a still in development API. You will want to upgrade to the Chrome beta before you try the demo. It's pretty horrid without it as you'll be dragging your mouse inside the game window just to look around. It makes you appreciate how far HTML5 has come.

For more details on the new Pointer Lock JavaScript API, check out Google's documentation. I think we can all expect to see some great first-person shooters built with HTML5 in the near future.

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