Yolanda Foster Is ‘Exaggerating’ Lyme Disease Illness, Says Ex-Husband David Foster

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Things are about to get ugly for Yolanda Foster and her divorce from ex-husband and music mogul David Foster.

Earlier this month, the 51-year-old reality star and former supermodel recently filed for divorce from the songwriter-producer after nine years of being together and four years of marriage. Since neither Yolanda nor David commented on the separation, it had been speculated that the separation was clean and amicable.

The silence is finally broken as David Foster reportedly remarked on his estranged wife’s claims about her illness.

Yolanda Foster has been public about her battle with Chronic Lyme Disease, and has devoted her time and effort into trying out various types of treatment, including having her breast implants removed, stem cell transplants, IV vitamin drips, and heavy metal detoxification to name a few.

These costly treatments are reportedly being shouldered by David even after the divorce had been filed, but he is now claiming that he isn’t entirely sold on the gravity of Yolanda’s condition.

A source close to the 66-year-old composer said that Yolanda Foster has been using her illness to gain attention and that David thinks she is “exaggerating” her condition.

It’s also been pointed out by David’s camp that Yolanda has not sought a second or third opinion and has never gotten a “legit” diagnosis for the disease.

For someone suffering from frequent exhaustion and weakness brought about by the disease, David is also wondering why Yolanda Foster has not left the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Rumors of her fellow housewives doubting the severity of her illness have also circulated.

Another insider told E! News that Yolanda Foster initially decided to join the show to help her children boost their modeling careers.

Her daughters, Gigi and Bella Hadid – whom she shares with former husband Mohamed Hadid – are two of the hottest supermodels in the world today.

Now that they are famous in their own right, Yolanda Foster is said to be using her illness as a “motivation” for staying on the Bravo reality show.

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