Yo Gets the Only Review You Need to See: Y?

Josh WolfordIT Management

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With tens of thousands of users, millions of communications, and over a million dollars of new funding – the hottest app on the block is Yo.

If you haven't been following the whole Yo thing, I'll devote about a sentence to bringing you up to speed.

Basically, Yo is an app that allows users, with a single tap, to send the message "Yo" to their friends – and only the message "Yo". For some reason, it has flown to the top of the app charts and people are completely, straight-faced serious about it. They're even throwing money at it. I don't know what this says about society, our culture, or the purpose of existing or lack thereof – but I think Stephen Colbert has provided the only review of the app that anyone needs to care about.

Image via The Colbert Report, screenshot

Josh Wolford
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