Yelp & Foursquare; Restaurant Critic [Infographic]

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If we have a bad experience when we're out on the town and stop for a bite to eat, we want to tell somebody about it. Consumers love to complain about bad service or poor quality food. Social networking and user reviews cut right to the core, and give us a chance to praise outstanding restaurants as well as warn others about nightmare kitchen situations.

User reviews on social sites like Yelp and Foursquare have become trusted ways to get the inside scoop on what's gold and what's garbage. After all, the proof is in the pudding, right? What other people think matters to us and in some cases it can save our lives. Just like in Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Ramsey, some of these establishments are bad news, and would just as soon feed us garbage than throw anything away.

This new infographic from Keepingitkleen.Com shows us that we can also help police the industry and that we don't need to wait for the Board of Health to shut 'em down. "Foodie" blogs and the ever increasing amount of social sites make us the new food critics, and statistic show, people are beginning to trust what we say.

Think about how you would rate a place the next time you go out to eat. Writing reviews about good and bad experiences helps your community and helps the businesses that go above and beyond to provide outstanding experiences. Check out the infographic:

The New Restaurant Critic
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