Yelp Adds New Updates Feature to Android App

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Local research and reviews platfrom Yelp has just released a new notification bar for Android 3.1, according to its company blog. The new update follows Yelp's recent addition of private user check-in comments. Here's a screenshot of the new addition:

yelp android

The new notification bar sits at the bottom of the home screen of the app, and alerts a user when a new check-in comment is made by a friend. It also notifies when a new compliment or friend request comes through. Yelp points out that the new toolbar makes it easier to manage social alerts, whether they be new friendships or quick comments.

Yelp held its IPO earlier in the month, placing shares at $22 a pop. The platform has been making improvements since, likely in part to calm nervous investors, much like Facebook, who has been trying to amp up its advertising segment since its own rocky IPO.