Yammer Crashes Following Microsoft Purchase [UPDATE]

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Shelley Risk, Yammer's Director of Communications, has sent WebProNews the following statement:

Yammer experienced an outage today at approx. 6:24 a.m. PST for 20 minutes, followed by a period of slowness and was back to normal by 8:34 a.m. We are still determining the cause of the outage.


Yesterday we brought you news that enterprise-exclusive social media network Yammer had been bought by Microsoft. Less than 24 hours later it looks like Microsoft has made its first contribution to its new subsidiary: the famous Blue Screen of Death.

Okay, not literally. But Yammer's network has been down for a good part of the day, which doesn't look good for Yammer or Microsoft immediately following the purchase. The outage appears to be taking place all over the world, though the severity varies from place to place. According to TechCrunch, Yammer is down completely in London, while the outage is more spotty in San Francisco.

As yet Yammer hasn't released any statements on what's causing the outage or when they expect the situation to be resolved. A request for comment sent to Yammer has not yet been answered. We will update you as the situation develops.