Yahoo's Q4 Financial Results Draw Smiles


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Yahoo's fourth quarter earnings report has been released, and it seems that people who were preparing for some sort of drastic response - whether it would've involved either pitchforks or confetti - will have to wait for another day.  Although the confetti folks might win out, as Yahoo did all right, more or less in line with estimates.

Carol BartzYahoo reported $1.26 billion in net revenue and earnings of 11 cents per share, versus predictions of $1.23 billion and 11 cents per share.  That's a pretty solid performance, all in all.

What's more, the outlook for the next quarter is bright, too, with Carol Bartz stating, "Our business has positive momentum and we feel good as we head into 2010.  We're pleased that the midpoint of our Q1 revenue outlook marks the first quarter of year-over-year growth in six quarters."

And in case you were wondering, Yahoo still plans on sealing its deal with Microsoft sometime early this year.

Then here's one final sign that Yahoo satisfied everyone on the financial front today: its stock is up.  Yahoo shares have risen 1.88 percent so far in after-hours trading.

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