Yahoo's Head Of Advertising Platforms To Leave Company


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Although it's hard to imagine that any company keeps all its employees forever, it looks like Yahoo continues to be worse than average in terms of retaining important people.  This afternoon, a report revealed that Bill Wise, who is in charge of Yahoo's Advertising Platforms business, will leave the same as so many before him.

YahooWise started at Yahoo when the company acquired Right Media in 2007.  Prior to that, he served as Right Media's president, the CEO of Didit, a senior vice president at Ask, and a vice president at DoubleClick (among other things), which makes for a tough-to-match resume.

Yahoo's already found a replacement, however, in the form of Ramsey McGrory.  McGrory, like Wise, worked for Right Media before Yahoo bought it, and put in three years at DoubleClick, too.  What's more, McGrory was even employed by the Army for about eight years.

Then here's one other important point: Staci D. Kramer, who first reported this move, indicated that Wise isn't just cleaning out his desk and disappearing; he'll instead work with McGrory during a transition period.

Yahoo may not have the whole "keep people from quitting" thing down, then, but the company seems to have gotten extremely good at minimizing the damage due to their departures.