Yahoo Expands How Good Grows Campaign


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Yahoo is asking users to share what matters to them via its “How Good Grows” initiative.

Yahoo says it will be posting questions over the next few months to give people the chance to share answers with the Yahoo community.


The Yodel Anecdotal Blog offers more details. “In celebration of International Women’s Day, join us in kicking off the program by telling the world about a woman (across the globe, across the room, or across the ages) who amazes you.”

“Share your thoughts at and see what people around the world are saying. Then keep coming back to the site to see other women who’ve made their mark.”

Yahoo says it will also be asking users to share on the following days:

Mother’s Day (May 8th)  – My mom’s best advice was…

Memorial Day (May 30th) – Today, and always, I remember…

International Children’s Day (June 1st) – A child taught me…