Yahoo: People Are Searching For Netflix 71x More Than HBO

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It would appear that consumers are very interested in the competition between Netflix and HBO, as searches for the two rivals are seeing a significant uptick, according to Yahoo.

"People are interested in the ongoing 'war' between the two services as [netflix hbo] is spiking off the charts this week," a Yahoo spokesperson tells WebProNews. "Over the past 30 days, it looks like Netflix has been more on people’s minds as [netflix] is searched for 42x more than [hbo go] and 71x more than [hbo]."

"Men dominate searches for both, but women tend to search more for Netflix than HBO services," the spokesperson says. "When it comes to actual original programs, HBO’s [true detective] has been searched for over 2x more than [house of cards] over this past month. However, [house of cards] has beat out [girls hbo] by nearly 3x over the past month on Yahoo."

House of Cards ranks highly for returning TV show searches in general over the past thirty days, coming out well ahead of HBO's Game of Thrones.

There have been a great deal of searches for the Game of Thrones: Season 4 trailer.

Based on the earnings reports from Netflix and Time Warner, Netflix appears to be winning the subscriber battle, at least here in the U.S. with Netflix reporting 33.4 million domestic subscribers compared to HBO's 29 million for the end of 2013. HBO, however, remains more profitable.

Pictured: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings suggesting that HBO is Netflix's bitch (via YouTube)

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