Yahoo Lost a Considerable Amount of Viewers in April

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comScore released the online video rankings for April today and in what is Jack's complete lack of surprise, Google reigns for yet another month. The most significant change in the rankings for April, though, is the dip in total unique views that Yahoo! had, dropping over 6 million viewers from March.

Yahoo managed to still secure the spot as the second-most visited site for online video with 53.6 million unique visitors, but the gap between the site and the third-ranked online video site, VEVO, has narrowed substantially. In all, the internet-enabled people of the United States took in nearly 37 billion videos in April, which is on par with last month's figures.

comScore online video rankings April 2012

As far as advertising goes, Americans (im)patiently waited through 9.5 billion video ads in April. Once again, Hulu was the top purveyor of video ads by feeing the hungry eyes of video watchers with almost 1.6 billion ads. The rankings beneath Hulu roughly remained the same although SpotXchange stormed the top ten list to claim the number six spot. In all, video ads reached 52% of the U.S. population and presented nearly 60 ads per viewer. The average length of ads in April was a little less than 30 seconds whereas the average length of actual videos was almost 6:30. Not a bad return, but those ads accounted for 20.5% of all videos watched.

comScore online video rankings April 2012

The leaders among the YouTube partner channels also remained largely unchanged in April, with VEVO topping the list once again with over 48 million unique viewers, nearly equalling the channel's numbers from March. However, YouTube fans seem to have weened themselves off from clips of the The Ellen Show as it disappeared from the list in April after hovering around for the past couple of months.

l;comScore online video rankings April 2012;

Of the internet-y people in the United States, 84.5% of them watched an online video in April. Given that online video hardly seems avoidable these days if you spend any amount of time on the internet, it's rather impressive that over 15% of internet users dodged all online videos last month. You must all be very well read.