Yahoo Homes Partners with Zillow for Content Listing

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Zillow and Yahoo have had a partnership for awhile. Zillow has been handling their Homes for sale listings, but now the companies are expanding that relationship to include rental properties as well.

This latest deal makes Zillow the exclusive provider of Yahoo Homes rental and for sale properties. It's a powerful relationship giving way to 25 million visitors who can view nearly 400,000 listings.

Not only will Yahoo Homes visitors be able to view Zillow's content, but they will also gain access to valuable tools like Rent Zestimate, which were previously only available for Zillow users.

Brandon Huff, Vice President of Yahoo Commerce comments on their new partnership with Zillow:

"Zillow is an important provider for Yahoo! Homes, and we are excited to expand our footprint to include rental offerings,"

"Providing our consumers with unique content and diverse real estate and rental listings is a top priority for Yahoo! Homes."

Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff comments on the new deal with Yahoo Homes:

"Zillow is now able to give landlords, property managers and rental brokers significantly more exposure for their listings by extending their reach to one of the largest audiences of renters online,"

"This is yet another example of how we are continually offering new ways to help real estate professionals grow their business."

Partnerships between Zillow and Yahoo date back as far as 2006. Last year they launched the Yahoo-Zillow Real Estate Network together and began selling local advertising across both platforms. Also noteworthy, Zillow just acquired RentJuice, which provides powerful property management tools for landlords, and property managers.

Now, when you list on Zillow, you also get exposure on Yahoo Homes. Zillow alone reaches well over 33 million unique visitors on mobile and web. Combine that with Yahoo Home's 25 million, and you have the most powerful real estate network available.

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