Yahoo Finance Incorporates Bloomberg Content


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Less than a week ago, a company called Pageonce announced that it had hired away the head of Yahoo Finance.  Yahoo Finance doesn't appear to be in any way floundering in the wake of that change, though, as the property is benefiting from a fresh content deal with Bloomberg.

Credit goes to Joe Pompeo for noticing certain Bloomberg stories appear on Yahoo Finance.  Then a Yahoo representative confirmed in an email that what Pompeo had seen wasn't a mistake or experiment.

The Yahoo spokesperson wrote, "Yahoo! has added content to its financial news portfolio.  As the Internet's #1 destination for financial news and information, Yahoo! Finance is committed to providing our audience with the most comprehensive coverage of the day's market news."

YahooAnd this deal should indeed help in that respect.  Bloomberg is a respected name when it comes to news, after all, and some Yahoo Finance users are bound to appreciate the extra source of information.

Plus, this arrangement makes Yahoo Finance look somewhat important, since Bloomberg execs presumably didn't dislike the idea of aligning their brand with it.

In somewhat related news, a post on the Google Finance Blog took another shot at promoting the Google Domestic Trends tool yesterday.