Yahoo!, CSI creator to create "Cyergeddon" movie


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Yahoo! and Anthony E. Zuiker, the creator of the CSI franchise, have teamed up to create a new movie currently titled "Cybergeddon." In a push to try out a new content distribution model, the movie will not be released in theatres, instead being released online through Yahoo!. Zuiker has even gotten Norton by Symantec on board to lend some tech credibility to the project.

"'Cybergeddon' is the evolution of the crime genre," said Zuiker. "Through an invaluable partnership with Norton and embracing the forward-thinking vision of Dolphin Entertainment, 'Cybergeddon' will be a motion picture event released through Yahoo!’s global online distribution. Instead of opening 'wide' at 5000 screens, 'Cybergeddon' has the potential to premiere on 50 million online screens all over the world at the same time. This global distribution model is the future of storytelling with unprecedented scale."

This announcement follows similar ones by Netflix, which just last month debuted an original series, "Lillyhammer" on its streaming service. Rumors also abound that original content will be coming out of Amazon in the near future.

"Cybergeddon" will be launching on Yahoo! this fall in a series of installments. It's claimed that the content will engage the audience through immersive storytelling, social media and gaming.

“When you think about what HBO did for television and what Netflix did for video rentals, they were trailblazers of their time," said Executive Producer and Dolphin Digital Studios CEO Bill O’Dowd. “By bringing together a group of visionaries such as Anthony, Yahoo!, Dolphin, CAA and Norton, you can expect that ‘Cybergeddon’ is going to break new ground for how consumers experience entertainment around the world and across multiple platforms.”

This in not the first announcement that Yahoo! will be involved with producing original scripted content. Earlier this year it was announced that an original series called "Electric City," produced by Tom Hanks, will debut sometime this spring.

Will you tune in to watch "Cybergeddon" this fall? Has streaming content finally caught up to cable, network television, and movie theatres? Is this the harbinger of destruction for traditional hollywood distribution channels? Leave your comments below.