Yahoo And Liquid Teaming Up To Publish Motion Comics

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Yahoo announced today that thy will be partnering with Liquid Comics to further expand their motion comics offerings. The two companies said they’ll make the first two titles, which were created by film directors Barry Sonnenfeld and Guy Ritchie, available online later this summer through Yahoo! Screen.

If you aren't familiar with motion comics, they are a not so new way of viewing traditional comic books that blends together comic book art and animation, offering some movement and action but on a limited scale. here is an example:

“This is compelling content from great storytellers, and we are excited to be adding Liquid Comics to our robust slate of premium content partners,” said Erin McPherson, vice president and head of video for Yahoo.

This particular medium has gained ground over the past few years with some titles even gaining some shelf space at my local Blockbuster. The motion comics can also be viewed online or on devices like tablets and iPads.

When asked about his thoughts on the future partnership with Yahoo, CEO of Liquid Comics Sharad Devarajan had this to say. “Yahoo’s impressive global reach will greatly enhance Liquid’s goal of pushing the boundaries of comic books through digital platforms and technology and enabling our creative partners to share their stories with audiences worldwide."

Guy Ritchie and Tom Hanks are both bringing graphic novels to the table for this new venture. The name recognition might give them the push to sell a few more titles.

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