'XCOM: Enemy Within' EXALT Faction Previewed

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Back in August, 2K Games and developer Firaxis announced XCOM: Enemy Within, a big update add-on for last year's hit XCOM: Enemy Unknown. At the time of the announcement, the focus of the content seemed to be new soldier powers. Players will be able to train their soldiers in a variety of new biologically-engineered powers or suit them up with heavy "MECs."

Today 2K released another teaser for Enemy Within, this time showing a different side of the content. Players will, during their revamped campaigns, come up against EXALT, a rouge group of humans who are using alien technology for their own ends. Scanning for EXALT hideouts takes time, but finding one means sending in soldiers on a covert mission to destroy their operations.

The new trailer shows plenty of the content already previewed for Enemy Within. It also shows, however, what appear to be new story scenes set inside the XCOM base. It seems that the XCOM organization itself may have been infiltrated by EXALT:

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