XCOM: Enemy Unknown Interactive Trailer Released


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PC gamers got access to the demo for the upcoming XCOM: Enemy Unknown earlier this week through Valve's Steam platform. Though 2K Games announced at the time that console gamers would get a demo "soon," the game's October 9th release date is now less than two weeks away. Though it might be a while before console gamers will get a chance to try out XCOM's strategic combat, 2K has today done the next best thing to releasing a console demo.

Today 2K released what it calls an interactive gameplay trailer for the next XCOM title. The trailer, seen below, walks players through an early training mission for the game. At certain points, the video gives viewers a chance to choose how the soldiers (and what types of soliders) will take on the alien threat.

The chose-your-own-gameplay-trailer style is one of the more creative trailers recently seen for a game. It accurately depicts the types of decisions players will no doubt have to make during the game, though they will be controlling the solders directly while playing.

Go ahead and try it out, the different choices lead to drastically different mission outcomes. If you're looking to keep the soldiers alive, I'll just offer one piece of advice: cover is your friend.