Xbox One Considered Too Expensive By Some Experts

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While Microsoft saved some of the Xbox One's face with by removing many of the initial attributes that put the gaming world in a spin. After their much-discussed E3 showing, one that came to a head with the following video:

It was clear to many that Microsoft had much to do to gain back the confidence of the gaming community, and the capitulation concerning the Xbox One's DRM and the ability to play used games was a big step in that direction. Was that, however, enough? Not according to one economist, who finds the $499.99 price point--which is, again, $100 more than Sony's PS4--a remaining hurdle for the console to overcome if Microsoft is going to beat Sony:

"I still think the price is too high," said Rafi Mohammed, an economist and author of The Art of Pricing. "You want to get that console in consumers' hands, and then where you really make the money is off of the games." Mohhamed doesn't see this happening at the console's current $499 price point, at least not to the extent Microsoft may be hoping and with a competitor selling for less. "What they really should be doing to get consoles in consumer's hands is to decrease that price and make the Kinect an accessory."

With that in mind, does the extra $100 make the Xbox One a less attractive option than the PS4? Or will current Xbox 360 owners and their commitment to Xbox Live save Microsoft's newest entry into the world of home entertainment?

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