Xbox Games: Free at a Cost For Those With Defective Consoles

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While many are enjoying their brand new Xbox One with all its bells and whistles, some are having mixed feelings about their faulty gifts and Microsoft's solution.

In the past week it has become extremely clear that a fair share of Xbox One owners are not having the fun time they were expecting. Microsoft has been scrambling to solve the disc drive issues along with other hardware errors that their consumers are having and are sending out new consoles and free video games to their Advanced Exchange Policy holders. They have been giving their customers many avenues to address their defect issues, however some are being met with a road block while others cannot be more satisfied with their solution.

Even though some customers will get their choice of either Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, or Zoo Tycoon while waiting for their new system, customers are complaining about the $500 deposit they have to give for the ability to play one game while they wait, and those who are not part of the Advance Exchange Policy membership, are mad about it all including 'defective' consoles issues other than the disc not reading properly.

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But even with the Xbox One gaining recognition for its defectiveness, it seems not to effect the supply and demand of the console with the system still climbing the charts after its over one million sales on Black Friday alone according to Venture Beat.
For Microsoft's' sake, there are consumers that are dealing with problematic consoles, however are delighted with the solution Microsoft has given their consumers helping them keep on track with the PS4 release.

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Like most new tech releases, there will always be kinks. It's almost inevitable as well as the ambiguous satisfaction of consumers effected by defects.

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