Xanadu Releases Photonic Quantum Cloud

Xanadu has released their photonics quantum computing platform, planning to double its power every six months....
Xanadu Releases Photonic Quantum Cloud
Written by Matt Milano
  • Xanadu has released their photonics quantum computing platform, planning to double its power every six months.

    Quantum computing is ‘the next big thing’ in computing, promising to usher in an all-new era. Quantum computing will fundamentally change multiple industries, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptography and more.

    Multiple companies are now making quantum computing available to customers. Xanadu’s approach is different than some competitors. Instead of quantum computers that must be cooled below the temperature of deep space, Xanadu’s photonic quantum processors can run at room temperature.

    “We believe that photonics offers the most viable approach towards universal fault-tolerant quantum computing with Xanadu’s ability to network a large number of quantum processors together. We are excited to provide this ecosystem, a world-first for both quantum and classical photonics,” said Christian Weedbrook, Xanadu Founder and CEO. “Our architecture is new, designed to scale-up like the Internet versus traditional mainframe-like approaches to quantum computing.”

    Unlike traditional computing, that revolves around binary bits with a value of either 0 or 1, quantum computing revolves around qubits. Rather than being binary, qubits can exist in both states simultaneously. The more qubits a quantum computer has, the more powerful it is. Xanadu believes they can double the power of their processors every six months.

    “We believe we can roughly double the number of qubits in our cloud systems every six months,” said Weedbrook. “Future machines will also offer improved performance and new features like increased qubit connectivity, unlocking more applications for customers.”

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