WWE Championship Belts From LeBron to the Heat


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The 2013 NBA Champs the Miami Heat now have a belt to add to their winning collection.

LeBron James got the idea to buy a WWE Championship belt for himself when he saw Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy sport one during a post game interview after an Eagles win.

James, who confessed to being a huge professional wrestling fan in his youth, went to the source and asked Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and John Cena where he could get one.

James wound up receiving a belt for his birthday last month.

Of course King James couldn't wait to show it off.

It looks like James was so enamored with the belt that he wanted to share. Flash forward to yesterday and the whole Miami Heat team now have customized WWE Championship belts etched with the Heat logo compliments of King James. The special belts are even personalized for every player.

Here's the pic of the team wearing the belts taken from James' personal Instagram account.

LeBron and the Heat are looking strong to defend their Championship. They are once again contenders to win it all. They have a 40-14 record and are tops in the Southeast Division. They square off tonight in Miami against the struggling New York Knicks who are 21-36.

If you're interested in your own WWE Championship belt, you can order a replica belt online. Here's the link for the official WWE shop.

Image via LeBron James, Instagram