WWDC Picture Says a Thousand Words About Gender Diversity

Josh WolfordIT Management

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If you're a man at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference today in San Francisco and you need to pee, well, good luck - those lines are going to be looooooooooong.

Or you could use the women's restroom. It's not very crowded - and it's definitely cleaner.

This wonderful image taken by CNET's Dan Ackerman says a lot about something. You decide what it means:

Is this a opportunistic representation of the gender breakdown at Apple's developer conference? Or is this actually an accurate depiction of WWDC, Apple events, or even tech in general? What does this have to say about gender in tech?

I don't know. I'm not going to wade into those murky topics. WWDC made me tired, and I think I need a nap. This photo is funny as hell though, don't you think?

For some more serious coverage of Apple's WWDC, check here.

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