Writing Funny Content To Help Your Blog Get More Shares

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It's good to include humorous content once in awhile.

This was the advice given by Jordan Cooper, who was speaking during the Blogging with Humor Workshop at the Blogworld Expo. WebProNews' Chris Crum sat in on the session and was able to pull out some interesting nuggets of information that could help your site get more shares, which ultimately lead to more return visitors.

Cooper, who teaches comedy classes at the Louisville Improv in Louisville Kentucky, stated "Everyone can be funny... you don't have to be hilarious. Just fucking do it". By this he means, you shouldn't have to worry if anyone will be offended by you adding a little humor to your site. He goes on to say that probably 98% of people will retweet it and you'll get new readers that you wouldn't have necessarily seen your content. But, if you have to be "appropriate" the key is just be staying relevant to your audience, and it doesn't have to be offensive.

Cooper went on to say, "Don't think you have to write vibrator jokes to get retweets." If your're writing jokes for PHP programmers you can't be concerned if non-programmers get it, as long as your audience finds it funny.

Practice is something that was stressed while discussing adding humor to your site, Cooper said, "Keep writing funny articles over and over and over again. You don't have to publish all of them, but you'll get better if you keep practicing it. Just keep thinking of all the ideas in your industry that you could do".

Below is a video where Jordan talks about his session, how to be humorous, and how you can apply that to your site:

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